Customised software development solutions can give your business a competitive advantage. It can be what sets you apart from your competitors either through software specifically designed for your clients or as cost savings to you. Off-the-shelf products are not enough to secure business over a competitor with the same software.

Application Integration

Application integration is our specialty. Read more about how to reduce the amount of data entry your current business processes create, how to reduce the inaccuracies and provide decision-makers greater visibility over the entire business.

New Application Development

Formalise your processes with a new customised application. Whirl IT Solutions can deliver purpose-built applications that ensure business rules are followed on the most appropriate IT platform. Read more.

Upgrade of Legacy Systems

Dealing with older systems. Find out how replacing legacy systems entirely is not your only option, but how systems integration can prolong the life of older systems by scaling back their importance in readiness for system retirement or replacement.

Project Recovery

When a project isn't meeting expectations. Discover how our processes can recover existing projects that have under-delivered or failed to meet your needs.