Upgrade of Legacy Systems

Most businesses have systems that use old business rules running on old IT architecture. However, completely replacing them is not always cost-effective and not the only option.

Legacy Systems

Making better use of what you've got. With over a decade of software development experience, Whirl IT Solutions has a skillset that goes back in time before .NET. With skills and experience adding or modifying features in Classic ASP and VB 6.0 Forms applications, legacy systems can be upgraded with new business rules and interfaces that can extend their life for many more years.

Integrating legacy systems with others can be an effective and measured way of maintaining the old system whilst reducing its importance over time, particularly with system retirement or replacement in mind.

System retirement and replacement. A cost analysis will determine if upgrading just isn't worth it and if that is the case then a replacement system can be developed to incorporate the positive aspects of the legacy systems but also provide a great opportunity to implement new workflows, new IT architecture with better performance and security.